Used Cars for sale since 1979: Only Occasions with Certified Kilometers

The Used cars for sale that we present on the site, can be tried on the road arriving at our Showroom based in Senago in the province of Milan, here located since the distant 1979, while in the following pages you can preview the opportunities in Prompt delivery, at the most affordable rates of the moment, both Italian and import officials, also recently registered, all strictly with the “certification of the mileage”.
In fact, our goal is to extend our appreciation to our customers, offering the utmost peace of mind for a safe purchase, starting from the certainty that once we have arrived at the headquarters of our resale, the proposed used cars have the “Certified kilometers”, in order to continue to highlight that the opportunities marketed are all in excellent general conditions and we also keep yours is maintained.
The cars to zero kilometers instead, are one of the areas in which as retailers, we have specialized in recent years, as much demanded by the clientele, in fact, we always have interesting opportunities for those who want a four-wheeler immaculate, However available at our salon in prompt delivery and as always at a price that reduces that of the official price list; Try to view the offers and contact us for your requests.


Used Car Warranty

Among the car dealerships used in Milan, we distinguish ourselves for the consolidated professionalism acquired in the sector and for our Internet site also known outside the province of residence, as recognized as constantly updated of Advantageous offers including a conventional “guarantee” of compliance for a minimum of 12 months for the protection of the consumer.
The assortment of cars you will find is also guaranteed by our internal Team of specialized mechanics, experienced connoisseurs of all means on display, while the team of the managers of dealerships, remains at your disposal to help you Find the four wheels best suited to your needs, at the most competitive price on the market, so we invite you to continue browsing to take a first look at the opportunities present.

Used car financing and zero kilometers

Arrived at our car resale in Milan, if necessary, we will give you the essential advice to select the different solutions of “financing” customized, ensuring the absolute reliability of each proposal, which is delivered by Credit institutions known in the sector, with whom we work for some time, which are distinguished by the convenient conditions, appreciated by the satisfied clientele in all these years.
For the second hand car that you have identified, we will be happy to receive your request to which you will have an answer in a very short time, thanks to the slenderness adopted also during the execution of paperwork, useful to speed up the mass on Road of your new jewel; Now instead begins to navigate the site, enters the sections of your interest, first however look lower, always on this page, you will find the opportunities of the week for some carefully expert, tested and with unique prices on the market.


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