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We exchange used with used, we give you the possibility to choose a four-wheeler on the occasion between our offers, withdrawing your car owned, after evaluation of the proposed model, the general conditions, the state of wear, the mileage, Of the optional, all useful elements that help us to understand the possibility of resale in an increasingly saturated market of commercial product.

The exchange of used cars is also carried out with models with zero kilometers which are usually proposed by the dealers attentive to this type of market, properly for those who want to save and have a new product, then also a retailer like the Our, present from 1979 to Milan and province is attentive to changes in the sector and remains abreast of the needs of drivers who need this type of four wheels.

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Fill in the form below with the data of your car, we give you the possibility to sell your car and to exchange it with another used, rather than a zero km: The fields marked with (*) are to be entered obligatorily.

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