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Only used Cars wuth certified kilometers and guarantee

Welcome to the site of Auto Anbrici Srl, the car showroom with the safe used from kilometres certified and with guarantee to protect the consumer for the area of Milan and Interland, and not only, in fact we also serve a range of customers at national level, so even if not You are buy our occasions

For US avee A satisfied customer means to give the certainty to sell a car in good condition, including the certification of the mileage and a service is guaranteed to protect each customer and put it in conditions to buy a used that is safe and Protected, so that you have several options customizable depending on the Eseigenze, extendable in addition to the classic 12 months by law, so it is useful to contact a manager of showroom who will be able to evaluate with you,

all the options that can be useful for the easy purchase of your four wheels.

We also offer several car financing programs to meet the individual needs of each individual customer and we give the possibility to have an insurance that can be diluted in the installment plan that we will agree together and be satisfactory under each Profile, because for years we have strong ties of partnership with the best credit institutions and the most advantageous insurance companies.


Multi-brand Showroom from 45 years MultiBrand Showroom

We have worked hard to build a reputation in the sale of high quality used cars backed by an extraordinary after sales service, so much so that most of our trade is done with people who had never purchased from us, (although We have an extended circle of consolidated customers for years) they immediately convinced themselves after coming to find us, having seen and guided in testing one of the occasions we have in Stock, this is only possible for the unequalled quality and the high level of the post Sale.

The team of Auto Albrici is operational since 1979, even if there is inside who worked as a car showroom also much earlier, in all these years, we can say, therefore, to have matured the right knowledge and skills useful to be able to best serve every motorist Wanted of quality used.



Given the experience made in the field, we are constantly in contact with the best wholesale dealers in the industry with whom we have close alliances that we carry on for many years that turn into careful retreats of used in stock, just to To be able to guarantee competitive prices and a lot of quality, on a variety of models among the most requested of the moment.




We give each customer the opportunity to buy cars from competitive prices and receive a good after-sales service, with a smile, because the showroom has a family-run staff with friendly and experienced staff that will help you find a vehicle that you Adapted to the budget that you want to make available and to your lifestyle, then contact us quietly to schedule a test drive!

We are here to make your next shopping experience better than any other you have ever had with cars, so today, stop for a moment to have a first approach with our experienced staff, sentitii free to get in touch with a Head of showroom to ask all the questions you may have, set an appointment to go to the Showroom of Senago, come and test a vehicle, we will be happy to serve you!

Here on our website, you can view our Stock of used cars and km 0, rather than company, you can use the information request forms to send an email, or in case you are more comfortable, call us directly, so we talk about the Programs you have in mind for your next four wheels!
Auto Brici specializes in high quality vehicles in a wide range of options and styles.



We are open from Monday to friday:   9.00 – 12:30  |  14.00 – 19:30.
Saturday:   9.00 – 12:45   /   14:30 – 19:00.